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  • Suggestion for outdoor event

    Outdoor advertising is a fantastic way to attract attention to your products, services and events, but what types of display are available and what should you look for in an outdoor stand? Here are few advice on outdoor event banners for you: As outdoor displays will be ...
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  • Update of overseas warehouse

    Because of continued virus all over the world, everything is getting crazy and out of control. The freight rates have soared in 2021, it rises importer’s purchasing cost a lot compared with before. Another way no enough containers to load continuously orders from China, ...
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  • Which advertising flags are right for your business?

    Outdoor flags are a popular way of attracting attention and crowd towards your products, services or events . But with so many different options available, how to decide which promotional flags that would work best for your business, Here are 7 questions to help you to d...
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  • Wzrods Always Stand With Customers

    Wzrods Always Stand With Customers

    Since March of year 2020, COVID-19 widespread quickly in Europe and America, the places where our customers are located were mostly affected and even to be locked down. At that time, the COVID-19 situation has been well controlled in China and Chinese medical experts hav...
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  • Covid Solution

    Covid Solution

    Take a look at some covid-19 business solutions from wzrods, we hope to help your clients stay in business throughout this time of crisis.
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  • Our overseas warehouses services in North America (Dallas, TX) or EU (Portugal) maybe a good choice

    Our overseas warehouses services in North America (Dallas, TX) or EU (Portugal) maybe a good choice

    The spreading Coronavirus is having a dramatic impact on business, another way Booking stop/ flight cancel/ freight rate increase a lot, how to mitigate inventory risk and cost, protect your cash flow and meet urgent request from clients, our overseas warehouses service...
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  • Sponsor of MTB

    Sponsor of MTB

    We're proud to be a sponsor of China MTB Open for two years. wzrods offer unique branding items such as event flags, A-frame to make you stand out at events
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