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  • 4 in 1 flag System

    4 in 1 flag System

    Each set of 4in1 pole system comes with a flexible tip pole and arm pole. The flexible tip is for feather banner, teardrop banner and shark-in banner which share full same pole The arm pole is for Rectangular banner, which shares same bottom pole except the tip pole So just one set of pole but can be used for most popular flag, you don’t need to stock for each kind of banner pole, means save your investment and stock space.  This beachflag pole  is one of our most poplar design. Flagpoles are...

  • Backpack flag & sign

    Backpack flag & sign

    Different from our classic backpack SFH, we move the flag mount of Backpack flag & sign inside of zippered compartment and leave the back panel flat The flag pole is designed as a flexible combination of five flag options in one system, Same backpack and same flagpole can suit 5 popular shapes (feather, teardrop and rectangle, arch, paddle) A big surface on the back, allows you to paste the poster on, so both the flag and the big poster will be eye-catching, help you to explore more pot...

  • Bike Flag Bracket

    Bike Flag Bracket

    Typical and traditional type for bicycle flags makes your bike highly visible to others by mounting a flexible whip rod flag pole on bike. Our bike flag bracket is not only used for bicycle safety flags, but also for advertising display teardrop or feather flags which allows more space for you to design and print message for promotion. Bike advertising flag banners are easy to install and remove from your bicycle without any tools The bicycle flag bracket is made of powder coated aluminum, ...

  • Pin-point Banner

    Pin-point Banner

    Pinpoint flags hardware includes carbon composite poles, Y shape metal connector and oxford carry bag. The carbon composite pole is more flexible and tougher to guarantee the shape stable and not easy to break. Y shape connector can be put on any stand base of us.  Pinpoint banner will rotate on bearing spigot and create a 360° view in the wind. Oxford carry bag is tough and convenient for different events. The Pin Point banner has a large graphic area for single side or double side printing...

  • Leaf Banner

    Leaf Banner

    Leaf Banner design A/B/C, same construction but different pole length. The hardware consists of two set of pole and one Y shape metal bracket Design D is a 3D banner and adopts folding umbrella frame structure which makes it easier to set up or disassemble Leaf banner can rotate in wind, which attracts attention and displays your message to the passersby. Banner pole is made from carbon composite material which can guarantee you a long using time even in windy condition Design D, benefited fr...

  • Arch Banner Stand

    Arch Banner Stand

    The  arch stand  can be used individually, work as a shadow for the car promotion or a welcome gate for a store Using two Event  Arches cross together, They  will  work as a tent in an outdoor event, or create a business negotiation area in a trading show. Extra beach  flags can be put on the metal base of  Arch stand, make your arch gate more attractive and show more advertisement information from different view points. Big display size in single side or double side printing. Interchangeable...

  • Suction Cup Banner

    Suction Cup Banner

    Suction cup flag can be attached to smooth surface like glass/tile/metal. 3 different shapes ( feather/teardrop/rectangle) available. Great for Dealerships, Restaurants, Events, and more! And it is angle-adjustable, you can have the right angle you need. Advantages (1) Initiated by WZRODS worldwide (2) Rotation construction ensures pole with flag 360 degree rotation. (3) 2 shapes in 1 pole system save your cost and space. (4) Angle adjustable and rotating smoothly in wind (5) Flags need NO wi...

  • Foldable Horizontal Square

    Foldable Horizontal Square

    The foldable horizontal square, also called rectangle pop out A frame banner is perfect for on the field and off.  Portable, light and versatile, our Field Board allows for an effortless set-up. Its collapsible design makes this product a great option for your company’s next campaign, showcasing a sponsor at a tournament or representing your team. It easily springs up from its folded position and take-down is a matter of seconds. Sideline A frame is a great sign and advertising display for sp...

  • Who We Are

    Who We Are

    Weihai Wisezone is the first company in China who uses carbon composite material to make flying banner poles since 2005.

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    To enjoy success and growth with the clients, employees and suppliers.

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    To be a leader in banner pole industry by developing innovative products.

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    To create product values for clients and assist employees achieve their self-worthiness.


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