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Barrier System

  • Café Barrier

    Café Barrier

    Our cafe barriers system are great for sectioning off the patio area outside of your business, also gives you the opportunity to brand you business in a very visual way, helping create awareness and gain the interest of passersby.  Base with five holes allow you to defining your boundary and seating area flexibly. Cafe barriers with single or double-sided banners which are eye-catching ensure your premises stand out from the competition, also provide wind protection for your clients. The banners can be easily replaced.

  • BS1000


    BS1000, a self-assembly modular system includes tubes and a range of connectors. Connectors are manufactured by injection moulding and made from glass-fiber reinforcement plastic with good strength. Tubes can be Aluminum or composite fiber and each segment length 1m only.

    Standard color of joints is black; on request the joints can be manufactured in other colors.

    Order the tubes and joints flexibly according to your inventory or application.