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Flag banner pole

  • Golf flag pins

    Golf flag pins

    Glass fibre golf flag pin or golf flag sticks,  fitted with UK  or US  ferrule as request, Color in stripe colours or solid

    Custom printed golf pin flags available

  • F Banner(Teardrop flags)

    F Banner(Teardrop flags)

    Also known as teardrop sail flags, teardrop banner flags or beach flags, Teardrop flying flag with a large surface area is both eye-catching and also particularly well suited to operating in windy conditions. It is said the original one was from South African but we improved it in China with professional engineering design and make new standard in this industry for the world.

  • S Banner(Feather flags)

    S Banner(Feather flags)

    S banner (feather flags), also called feather banner or sail flag or blade flag. A very cost effective means to attract attention both outdoors and indoors for any business, event, or trade show. This kind of display advertising flag is re-useable and really user friendly, you can setup in a matter of minutes. Our feather flags are available in four shapes: Angled/ Concave/ Convex/straight.

  • H Banner (rectangle flag)

    H Banner (rectangle flag)

    H banner, one kind of flag with rectangular shape  Flat top flag,  also known as Block flag, Edge flag or Telescopic Flag. Recatangle flag have larger printable area than feather flags or teardrop flags, make flag display beautifully anytime, perfectly suited for high impact promotions both indoor and outdoor.  3 year manufacturer’s guarantee on the flag pole.

  • 4 in 1 flag System

    4 in 1 flag System

    4 in 1 flag system, flexible combination of four flag options in one system, our patent product and initiated designed by WZRODS worldwide on 2008, which can support 4 kinds of popular flag shapes feather flag, flying banner, shark fin flag and rectangle flag by one same flagpole. Easy to shift and control your stock to meet clients’ urgent order, minimize your inventory and stock space. One of our most popular products.

  • Giantpole flagstand

    Giantpole flagstand

    Giant Flagstand, Giant pole,  Windancer Flags or Mondo Flag in the market, normally is an oversized rectangle flag with telescopic aluminum pole up to 5.4m high.  Our unique Giant flagstand system is totally different from others, 3 popular flag shapes (teardrop flag/ feather flag/ rectangle flag) in 1 Giant pole system,  height 5m/6m/7m, 4 kinds of stand bases available. Give you more shapes and more choices of high impact displays for your marketing or exhibition display and make sure your messages to be seen above the crowd.

  • Budget 2in1 flag system(Teardrop flag or Feather Flag)

    Budget 2in1 flag system(Teardrop flag or Feather Flag)

    Budge 2in1 flag system is special series for budget project ,  2 different flag shape(bowhead flags & teardrop flags) in one set of flagpole  with low cost but same function.

  • Wall Mounted Flagpole

    Wall Mounted Flagpole

    Wall Mounted flagpoles, Angled flag wall Pole, White powder coated aluminium flagpole with Unique anti-furling design to prevent the flag wrapping around the flagpole, ensure you say Goodbye to tangled flags!

    Flagpole standard size 2m, easy to install

    The angled mounted wall bracket is available in angles of 0°, 35°, 90°.