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Since March of year 2020, COVID-19 widespread quickly in Europe and America, the places where our customers are located were mostly affected and even to be locked down. At that time, the COVID-19 situation has been well controlled in China and Chinese medical experts have summed up a series of experience and methods about how to protect from the virus and stay safe.

To share these important information with Wzrods customers, Wzrods staff made a instruction and send to each customer. Wzrods salesman also kept communicating with customers to explain the precautions.


Another way, Although the medical masks was still limited and expensive in China at beginning of 2020, Wzrods bought 7000pcs medical masks and sent to over 40 customers as free gift to help clients who are difficult to source masks and even afforded the expensive international transport cost for some of them


The warm gift was highly welcomed by customers, and customers replied Wzrods with thanks and appreciation.

Post time: May-17-2021